Guitarist, lead singer and mainly founder of Only Fears. Without filters, Pascal is a kind of fire that warms (or burns) with all of his emotions. At 24 years, it’s a mix of ardor, passion and anger which brings him to write ironic, felt and sincere texts. I am a passionate; a composer looking for substance. I greatly appreciate art coming from the heart. My world is coming closer to the one we live in, thanks to the Only Fears project JOIN PASCAL
Bassist and singer. Kevin, born on July 2nd, 1992, is someone who live in the here and now. He expresses himself a lot through his instruments and even if he’s a timid person, he has an unrestrained energy on stage. His Reggae and Kompa (Haitian popular music style) influences give a subtile afro flavor to the meatloaf of styles brought by the Only Fears project. JOIN KEVIN
Thomas, 20 years old youthful drummer and singer, passionate with a thirst for knowledge is a curious musician, always on a quest for new textures and open to different musical styles as rock, reggae, funk, jazz, metal, etc… He will bring satisfactions to his spectators’ ears with his interesting musical ideas aswell with his strong dynamic when he goes on stage. JOIN THOMAS